Jan Loman is the founder and owner of MVP Sports Logistics, the largest firm of its kind in the US exclusively dedicated to relocating professional athletes to new team franchises. “Helping professional athletes and their families make a smooth transition to their new city, home and school and removing the stress of integrating into their new franchise, is much like catering to the expat market in a foreign country, and I understand the challenges of each market” says Loman.

In her role as Vice-President of Sports Marketing, Jan brings years of experience working with NFL and NBA players and sports teams, adding a new and unique dimension to the wide range of services being offered by the Expat Marketing Group. Jan currently spends time between her office in Houston, TX and Cuenca, Ecuador.

Expat Marketing Group is a boutique creative agency founded in 2013 by two expats, Jane Brinton and Ed Lindquist. Their combined experience dealing with complex business solutions – marketing – design – branding and advertising – brings a new level of marketing expertise to Cuenca, Ecuador and beyond. A unique, full-service agency, that reaches the expat market in both Ecuador and North America. Expat Marketing Group has your marketing solutions.

Our mission is to help you increase your share of this constantly growing lucrative market, with insightful strategies, media awareness and creative communications.

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