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OBJECTIVE: To show the client to be the leading source for North American expats wanting to obtain permanent residency visas in Ecuador.

CHALLENGE: In the field of visa acquisitions, many individuals consider themselves qualified facilitators, claiming expertise in this area, at the same time touting other totally unrelated services.

SOLUTION: Through marketing insight we chose to emphasize the client’s uniqueness with an office in the Unites States, and the ability to obtain a visa, before moving to Ecuador. We positioned the client’s specialty and strengths as an expert in visa acquisitions by reinforcing the slogan “visas, nothing but visas”. This strategy was backed by detailed information, and an aggressive social media campaign.

RESULT: Client is now recognized as an expert in expat visas, and the website is placed on Google’s first page under Ecuador visas. The business has grown exponentially.

What we did:

  • Strategic planning and marketing including name change
  • Copywriting – blogs – flyer
  • Signage
  • Website concept and design
  • Facebook and social media
  • Video production
  • Merchandising
  • Developed communications that streamlined back office efficiency

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I can’t say enough about Jane and Ed. They know how to market and they are very creative. We have a new name, new image, new website and a successful video on YouTube. We are now seen by everyone looking to move to Ecuador. I recommend the services of Expat Marketing Group to anyone.