Reaching the Expat Market – An interview on the Overseas Radio Network “Ecuador At Your Service” radio show, Michel & Ashley interview Jane Brinton, an international entrepreneur who recently moved to Cuenca to start her marketing and graphic design company, Expat Marketing Group with business partner, Edward Lindquist. Jane discusses how to find solutions and create strategies for large and small businesses that want to reach a new and expanding market – expats in Ecuador. She talks about the fast-growing market segment, how to start a business in Ecuador, and what the cultural differences and expectations are when providing services and working with Ecuadorians. For anyone wanting to start his or her own business in Ecuador … or for people hoping to reach the lucrative expat market, this is an invaluable show.

Audio file Ecuador At Your Service Oct 27, 2014

About Jane Brinton

British-born Jane Brinton moved to the United States when she was 20. She became a serial entrepreneur after starting the first mobile discotheques in America, ran a boutique public relations and advertising agency, promoted more than fifty recording artists to the top of the charts, and launched and managed the careers of several celebrated DJs. She quickly gained a reputation as an industry-insider after working with high-profile clients such as Madonna. In an effort to further her creative aspirations, she turned her focus to broadcast media and produced dozens of television commercials for the insurance and real estate giant Prudential. In 2006, she formed a film production company in Los Angeles with writer-director Ashley Rogers, and together they co-produced a feature-length documentary film shot in the Sahara Desert of Mali, West Africa. Jane honed her graphic design and visual communication skills at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), before moving to Cuenca, Ecuador.

Introducing Expat Marketing Group

Expat Marketing Group is a boutique creative agency founded in 2013 by two expats, Jane Brinton and Ed Lindquist. Their combined experience dealing with complex business solutions – marketing – design – branding and advertising – brings a new level of marketing expertise to Cuenca – Ecuador, and beyond. A unique, full-service agency, that reaches the expat market in both Ecuador and North America. Expat Marketing Group has your marketing solutions.

Our mission is to help you increase your share of this constantly growing lucrative market, with insightful strategies, media awareness and creative communications. / Facebook

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