Many Expats rely on the Internet to stay connected, and are the most popular target market for VPN services according to the-5-best-vpns-for-expats. People who have relocated to other countries often find they cannot access the Internet as they would in their home country. This can affect activities such as Internet banking and online shopping, so expats usually subscribe to a VPN service, which provides them with an IP address from their home country, allowing access to streaming media, news, movies, Netflix and TV shows.


Ever since early man painted on cave walls, we have found new ways of communicating. But, some of the old ways still have merit and should not be forgotten. I recently found myself without Internet service for a week, and rather than rush out to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot, I decided to take the opportunity of having more time for other things. The first day was filled with frustration and blaming the Internet provider. Then I began to realize that my days seemed longer, and I accomplished more. I had time to clean my office, and put my files in order. I began walking the dog twice a day to the park, before he had to make do with the garden. I went grocery shopping and leisurely walked the isles seeing what new organic product was finding its way to Cuenca-Ecuador. I brushed up on my Spanish and arranged to see friends for drinks and dinner. No Internet also meant no TV or Netflix, so I picked up a good book instead.


The business did not suffer any because I did not have Internet. I actually finished a new logo and website design for a client without any interruptions to my creative workflow. Last, but not least I wrote a very long and detailed letter to my family and friends back home marking the one-year anniversary of my move to Ecuador. When the Internet finally came back on, I plowed through a week’s worth of emails, erased all the Facebook notices (sorry), and realized I hadn’t really missed out on anything. What I gained, was more time for myself. I posted my long letter by email, and was delighted to get so many positive responses to my old-fashioned letter writing.

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